25 March 2009

Reasons NOT To Fall Asleep At Our House!

I happened upon this picture and laughed so hard at the very memory of this day that I had to share the picture with the entire world. This is my brother-in-law David.  David was a victim of the Yruegas family practical jokesters… Which by the way, includes their mommy!!


David had attended Christmas dinner at our house and as always and as the Yruegas tradition would have it, David took a nap after eating his dinner… that is a mistake that hasn’t been made again since this day because when David went to sleep, we plotted and planned and he ended up with all these little marshmallows on his head so we could try to shoot them off with an Air Bazooka (you can find these on Thinkgeek.com). 

Unfortunately for us, David woke up before we could actually shoot at him but the marshmallows on his head sure do make for a funny-ass picture don’t they? Now you know… if you come to my house.. don’t dare fall asleep because you never know what is going to happen to you!!

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