14 May 2009

Theories, Speculations & Questions About Lost

I'm not one of those to read all the blogs, website and forums regarding Lost but the season finale gave me a lot of things to think about and a lot of questions left unanswered. These are just some of them:

1)The ship was the old Mayflower type, with masts etc. The clothing that Jacob and the other guy wore at the beginning of the show represented “old times.”

At the beginning of the show when Jacob and the “other guy” were talking, the other guy said things always ended up the same way when ships came, “they come, fight, destroy. It always ends up the same way.”
Jacob replies “yeah but it only ends once, anything that happens before that is just progress.”

Q. What does he mean when he says “anything before that?”
The clothing and the ship indicate earlier times but then he’s almost talking in the future

2)In the funeral portion of the show, Jacob tells “James” that he’s sorry about his mother and father.
At the time James is writing a letter that reads “Dear Mr. Sawyer, You don’t know who I am but I know who you are and I know what you done.”

The guy tells him that he knows he’s angry at the man that did this to his mommy and daddy, that he has to let it go, what’s done is done.

He’s James but is he really “James Sawyer?”

3)When Richard konks Ellie on the head he says “he’s protecting their leader.”
I thought Richard was the leader.

4)When James, Kate and Juliet meet up with Bernard and Rose and they’re parting ways, Bernard asks Juliet if she’s sure she doesn’t want some tea. She’s holding her stomach at that point and Bernard is looking at her like he knows something.
I wonder if Bernard knows she’s going to die?

5)Alana, the woman who took Sayid captive is the only one who has known Jacob off the island. Then when the group finds that shack they know something about the ash. This all seems to indicate that they’ve come and gone from the island. Why can they come and go but the Lostees weren’t supposed to leave?

6)Alana pulls a little woven thing out of her pocket after one of the guys asks where they’re to go once they set fire to the shack. The woven thing has the statue on it. Everyone has speculated that the statue is Anubis but Anubis is the head of a Jackal. The picture on the woven thing is not the same shape as the Jackal.
In looking at the ancient pictures I’ve found that it looks more like Seth, brother to Osiris. Seth is always depicted with the Ankh in his hand hanging down. Seth is the God of the dessert, storms and violence

7)When Jacob is on the bench reading a book outside the place where John Locke falls from the window, the book is called “Everything That Rises Must Converge” by Flannery O’Connor The picture on the front is a dove/bird with an arrow going into it’s chest.

8)This is a real book. The writer was given her last O’Henry award for it just before her death. The story is about violence and corruption. This is one narrative:
In O'Connor's fiction, she consistantly uses violence to depict a character's realization that they are fallen and need something outside of themselves (take a look at her prose collection Mystery and Manners). It is usually after such a violent act that her character has an internal epiphany of sorts (see some of her other stories such as "Greenleaf" and "A Good Man is Hard to Find"). In this story, both the mother and her son are rocked. The mother, continuing to pursue her bigotry, is hit by the black woman and has a stroke. She is given a second chance, free from bigotry and from her dependence on her son. The son comes to a shocking realization that he needs, period. His character represents the common atheist, who believes he needs nothing spiritually, for there is no spiritual. This kind of "violent grace" is found throughout all of her works (once again, refer to Mystery and Manners).

• this also reinforces my idea that the statue is of Seth

9)At Jin and Sun’s wedding, Jacob tells them that their love is a special thing and that they should “never take it for granted.” This is another lesson in the book that he had been reading previously

10) In surgery Jacks dad told him that it wasn’t the father who didn’t believe in him, that it was Jack who didn’t believe in himself. When Jacob helped Jack get his candy bar from the vending machine he told Jack that “it just appeared to be stuck and needed a little push.”

11) In the jungle James was telling Jack that a con-man took everything his mom and dad had. After that his dad shot his mom and then shot his own head off. James was under the bed. He told Jack that it was a year ago. That if he had stayed on the sub he could go back and stop his dad from killing his mom. Jack asks why he didn’t and he said “because what is done is done.” Just like what Jacob told James at the funeral
James tells Jack that a man does what he does because he wants something for himself.
Q) So, when James writes that letter to “Mr. Sawyer” is he writing to his own dead dad to tell him that he saw what he did to his mom and to himself?

12)Juliet sends James in the jungle to stop Jack. When James is beating the crap out of Jack, Juliet stops him. He reminds her she sent him there and now she things Jack is right? She tells James that “she changed her mind.”
When James and Juliet are walking back he questions her motives and what changed her mind. She tells James she changed her mind when she saw him look at Kate. He told her that he was with her and she repeated what her parents told her, that just because you love someone doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be together.
He asked her why she was doing this, she said “If I never meet you, then I never have to leave you.”

13)Jacob gets Hurley out of jail and then tries to convince him that he’s blessed instead of cursed or crazy. He tells Hurley that he’s lucky he can talk to those that have “left him.”

14)When Alana and her group meet up with Richard, Ben etc at the beach she asks him the question “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”
He answers her in a foreign language which she understands and seems to find comfort in knowing he is “one of them.”
Q, Why does she “need” for Richard to see what is in the crate?

15) In the cave, when Ben is confronting Jacob he said he’d been waiting 35 years to meet him, always doing what he was told to do and never being able to meet Jacob but when “he” (pointing to Locke) asks to see Jacob he’s marched straight there as if he was Moses. Ben wants to know why? Why Locke?

Ben then kills Jacob and the fake Locke rolls him into the fire after Jacob tells him that the other people are coming.
Will the fake Locke now take on the persona of Jacob and tell them that it was fake Locke that was killed and burned in the fire?

16)Juliet doesn’t die when she falls and then she causes that bomb to blow. Will this throw her back or forward or wherever so this never really happened? Will she end up alive next year after all?

17) When the island blow, what happens to the people on the island who are oblivious like Bernard and Rose? Do they go back too? They never left the island and never met Jacob (well that we know of) so will they be affected or just dead or what?

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pope523 said...

1. "Anything before that" presumably means anything before The End. Armageddon or something.

2. He's not James Sawyer, yet. But he becomes James Sawyer. Sawyer tells Jack "What's done is done."

3. No, Richard is "a sort of advisor". He's supernatural somehow, but is somewhere between the Godlike Jacob, and the mortal "Others".

4. I think that was just Bernard offering her a place if she wants to "drop out" of the craziness.

5. I think Ilyana is the Leader of what I'm refering to as The Other Others. They're a group like, but seperate from The Others.

6. Lostipedia suggests that the head was that of a hippo, I forget the name of that Egyptian God. Holding an Ankh isn't unique to Seth either.

7/8. It still could be any part of Egyptian mythology. Horus is constantly fighting Set, his uncle. Set kills Horus and Horus comes back. Eventually Horus almost destroys Set, but Isis, Horus' mother and Set's sister, stops him.

11. Mr Sawyer was the con-man's alias. "Sawyer" ends up taking his nemesis' name (and career as a con-man) for himself. This was the same con-man that paralyzed Locke.

13. Jacob didn't get Hurley out of jail, Ben had his lawyer do that.

14. Richard answers her in Latin. He says "He who will save us all." Because if they didn't see Locke's body, who would believe that he was dead still?

15. Jacob didn't say WHO was coming, I don't think he meant The Other Others. Maybe Fake Locke will pretend to be Jacob, but I think something is going to happen before he gets a chance to.

16/17. Anybody's guess how they're going to play this. I think it's a fair assumption that it's not going to do what Faraday and Jack intended, prevent the 815 crash from ever happening.