24 February 2009

SPLENDA! My flavorite food group!!

I love Splenda. There are no and, if's or but's about it. I love Splenda! As a gastric bypass surgery patient it has proven to be a lifesaver for me. I can have things as sweet as I like without worrying about the horrid dumping. I know, I know, I too have read all the scary stories about how Splenda will cause a multitude of health problems but I'm here to tell you that I still love it.

Every time something new comes on the market you have all the other brands fighting to defame it. I saw it with saccharin, Sweet-n-Low, Equal etc... well I'm sure they all have their issues, JUST Like white refined sugar has it's own problems but it comes down to weighing the benefit -vs- the risk, what has been proven etc....

We actually don't know what happens to our food before it reaches our mouths. the recent peanut industry problems has proven that things go unnoticed and untold. I know this to be true since I found a cloth "rag" in a bag of potato chips last summer. No matter what we ingest, we're doomed.

For now I choose in ingest LOTS of Spenda. I like stuff sweet and Splenda allows that!
Today my dear husband Eric sent me a link to all things Splenda, I love it!!

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maizzy said...

heee... my mom loves splenda... Trying to turn BFG on to it cuz he likes his Sugar Twin as for me I either like plain-old-sugar or honey... :)

as for the P-butter, hope its all over and done with... I love me a PBnJ just like my mom use to make me... lol... :)