23 February 2009

Dogs Will Pay You Back When you Make Them Mad!!

My dogs are living proof that dogs will pay you back when you make them mad. They wait until you no longer suspect that they're harboring bad feelings and until you've forgotten that they owe you and then they lay it on you.

For instance, Our Mini-Aussie, she's a cool customer, She can hold her anger a long time and then all of a sudden you find a pile of dog crap in the middle of your bed or a big lump of crap in one of your shoes. When it happens you're so mad that all you can do is yell at the dog and you have no idea what brought it on, but deep in the back of that dogs mind, she knows what you did and now, she's paying you back.

Our youngest dog, a 7 month Shih Tzu pup is all mama's dog. She loves me and she knows she is mine. She wants to be everywhere that I go, she wants to be with me or be able to see me and if she can't she cries. She's spoiled because I'm home all day and she hasn't had to spend much time in her crate, when she has to go in there she whines too. In the morning my husband gets up at 5:00 A.M. Most days I'll get up with him and come down to watch the news, catch up on email etc and the dogs are happy as little larks that mama is in the room.

Today, I decided to try to sleep an additional hour after Eric got up. I guess the littlest dog didn't like that so while I was innocently sleeping upstairs she completely shredded a section of the Columbus Dispatch. I dont mean she tore it up like big pieces, she totally cross shredded it.

When I gathered the dogs together to take their picture she proudly laid down in front of her mess while Chloe, the Mini-Aussie stood back, diverting her eyes to let me know she had NO Part of the shenanigans, that she was innoncent.

Tonight I'm going to turn all my shoes upside down so the dog can't poop in them and I'm going to make sure there isn't any paper that anyone can shred... I guess they'll just tear the couch up or something... we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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clairelouise said...

Great i just love it.
Can so relate with this as my dog is big on payback lol. Pleased I have just started up a blog on blogger (I have a wordpress blog on autism/aspergers) so will come back and read some more fab post on your blog