03 March 2009

Other Half of the Scott & Terry Picture

The guy pictured in my last post with Terry is our good friend Scott. Cute isn't he? I know. It's what everyone says. All the girls used to be jealous that I had such cute friends. Going anywhere with these two is like being the thorn on a stem between two roses. They're both so pretty and I always felt like the ugly duckling.

I met Scott through Terry. They grew up in the same little town, just about 45 minutes south of Columbus. Scott was about 18 or so when I met him, just barely out of high school and he was so naive and sweet. He is just one of those people that you have to like because he's a nice guy.Scott is one of those people that will do anything to help out a friend.

Scott is one of the kindest, most gentle and loving souls you could ever meet. He is an extremely talented artisit and is so uniquely gifted when it comes to anything that requires creativity. His minds eye is very keen and he has the gift of being able to picture something, whether it be a picture he wants to paint, a drawing, decorating a room or even rehabbibg an entire house and then he just makes it happen.... You can tell by everything he touches that he is talented and everything he did had a "Scott's Own Design" stamp on it. In some ways it was maddening...He is just one of those people with a gift and I hate that he doesn't use it but instead he earns his living working for local government. He's very good at what he does and he's made a good living but his God given gifts aren't utilized as they should be. The one great thing is that he'll be able to retire from his job at a young age and then he can pursue something that is a part of who he is.

When I think back to friends who have meant the most to me in my lifetime, both Scott and Terry definitely fall at the top. I've been blessed to know them and to be able to have called them friends for all these years.

Thanks guys! I love you!!

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