17 March 2009

Peg Pet Parade

It seems every where I go in this house I hear a short parade of toe-tapping following behind me. Every time I move I look behind me and there are 4 sad and pleading eyes, 4 cocking ears, 2 balls of fluff and 8 toe-tapping feet. These attributes belong to the canine members of our family, Chloe and Tinky.

I’m a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) so I’m here 24/7. This means the dogs and I spend A LOT of time together. It’s nice that they keep me company but other times they drive me nuts. They are always under foot and always watching me.

It seems that animals figure out early in their life that “ I” am a good source of non-approved food items. The last dog we had, Jojo, a black-tri Australian Shepherd had me trained and she got the last bite of every meal I ate. Jojo would wait very patiently for me to eat, anticipating that last bite of food… Sure enough she’d get it every time. They say the last bite is the best and I guess Jojo knew this better than anyone. After Jojo went to doggie heaven I didn’t think I’d want anymore dogs. It got lonely though and I missed having dogs to pick up the remnants of food I dropped while in the kitchen, missed having those eyes looking at me and missed having he company.

Chloe is my daughters dog, well she’s supposed to be but she hangs with me 24/7. Even with Chloe here, I still didn’t feel like “I” had a little friend, a pet of my own so my husband caved and let me get a little Shih Tzu. Tinky (the Shih Tzu) had brought so much love into my life. She is the most loving, and caring little dog I’ve ever seen. She’s cuddly and wants to be with me all the time, sleeps right up against me and puts her little head on my arm. She looks up at me with her big sad, brown eyes, thos elong eyelashes batting and winning my heart over and over. She is the best little dog I’ve ever had. She is truly “my dog.” The love fest is so bad that when I leave the room, Tinky cries like a baby. It’s sad but endearing. Makes me realize how much love a dog can have for a human.

I like millions of others have found that dogs are more important to our lives than we sometimes give them credit for. Our pets keep us company, they love us unconditionally and they forgive us for every little thing we could possibly do wrong. They are amazing and God truly knew what He was doing when He created them. I find them to be so intuitive and knowing of what I need. AND, they’re good at cleaning up all the crap that falls on the floor while I’m cooking. Our pets lift our spirits and make us happy, sometimes more than we realize.

The toe-tapping and the Peg parade continue to drive me nuts but every day when I count my blessings and I think about all I’m grateful for, I make sure to add my puppies. I don’t know how I’d live without them!

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maizzy said...

ooh, your doggies are little vacuum cleaners... nice... I can't say the same for my kitties although they do act like doggies when food is being made/served. My vet has warn me to not feed them human food. As they have some medical issues... :) If and when we would move to a bigger home with a backyard maybe then we can get us a dogie... :)

men always tend to cave in... heee... same thing happened when we got our 2nd cat... hee... I just presented him with it and he accepted... :) hee...