21 March 2009

Happy 79th Birthday Rudy!!

We went over to spend some time today with Eric's dad Rudy. Today was his 79th birthday. To tell you the truth, I knew he was in his 70's but I had no idea he was turning 79. He is very spry and healthy and he is as mentally sharp as he was in his 50's... I know because I knew him as "Mr. Yruegas" long before I ever met and married his son!

The story of how I met Eric and our entire history is a blog post on it's own, one I've been wanting to write for quite some time and now that I'm working through the family history it'll be coming soon. Let me just say that I am 10 years older than Eric and worked with his dad when I was in 20's, probably when Eric was still a wee little child. I used to work for the Department of Defense and that is where I met Mr. Rudolph(Rudy) Yruegas.

"Mr. Yruegas" was always one of those men who you meet and can tell from the start he is very well spoken, respectable, respecting, very well mannered and polite. He was and is more of a quiet man but if you knew my mother-in-law you'd understand... he just doesn't get too many chances to talk when she's around! LOL!! I say that in the most loving way.... Rudy carefully thinks things out before he speaks and he is very intelligent. When I worked with him I spoke to him occasionally but only on a professional level, getting to know him personally was a little more difficult because he is somewhat reserved, almost guarded. I've just come to know it as his way.

Rudy isn't one of those people that are openly affectionate and honestly I probably drive him nuts because I am just the opposite. I am a hugger and I am very emotional and affectionate and I believe in telling people how you feel about them and in telling them often so they never forget how you feel or so they never doubt how you feel. I hug everyone when I'm coming and going. I always tell people how much I love them, I hover over people and want to always be doing for people so I'm sure that many times in the last 9 years he's wanted to clean my clock but he tolerates me and even though he's a man of few words I know he loves me.

Rudolph Yruegas is a man that carries himself with dignity and with pride. He loves his wife and his family and has always done well by them. He spends his days now caring for Erics mom Pat who has to go through dialysis 3 times weekly. He does the laundry, tends to the house, takes care of everything that needs done for Pat and still manages at 79 years old to have the energy of a man half his age. In today's world you would be hard pressed to find a man like Rudolph Yruegas. He is a man of character and I am lucky to have him as my father-in-law but mostly I am lucky that all of the wonderful traits that I see in him, are the traits I love most in my own husband.

I lucked out. In todays world, I found a man much like Rudolph Yruegas, his son Eric. A man I am proud to call my husband. I celebrate Rudy's birthday today and thank God for the man that he is and for the man he taught my husband to be. He has been a shining example! Thank you Rudy, may you have many more birthdays!!

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