09 March 2009

Porcelain -Used for Toilets and Fine China

I had a thought over the weekend and it hasn't left me since it's inception. Toilets are made of porcelain.... our good dishes are made of porcelain.... why is this? I know porcelain makes wonderful dishes because of it's beauty, it's castability, it's weight and it's availability but WHY was porcelain ever used for toilets?

When man went from using outhouses to using toilets what possessed man to make a toilet out of the same materials used for his dinner dishes? Was he sitting around at dinner one night and looked down at the china pattern and thought "oh my gosh, this would be an awesome toilet?"

I wonder... Just who was this person? What was going through their mind when they developed the plans for a toilet and just how did they arrive at a decision to make it from porcelain?

I never thought about the old days when they had the pots that they used in the house... were those porcelain too? AND, what happens to old toilets. Do they get recycled as dinnerware?
I'm having trouble looking at dinnerware now without thinking of toilets?

Another crazy thought that has me mystified!!


WellspringCreations said...

Great musings! I guess if your china is old enough, you don't have to worry about it's source....a good excuse for antiques ;-)

maizzy said...

we loved this too... BFG and me were totally laughing and wondering the same... heee... thanks for the laughs... :)