11 March 2009

Why is Nothing Ever Easy??

Like most women, every year I dread making that one doctors appointment which invites a total invasion of my private "Space." But because of the years and years of being programmed by my mother and physicians I understand the medical need to proceed with this appointment and so I grin and "bear it".... literally.....

I've been having health issues for awhile but nothing the doctors could pinpoint on any disorder or illness. I started thinking these symptoms were psychosomatic until I started reading about menopause and the symptoms associated to the onset (perimenopause), the duration (menopause) and the aftermath (post-menopause).

In research I found that a lot of my symptoms were like those of a woman my age at the onset of menopause. During my yearly exam my OB/GYN (wonderful Dr. Sprague) and I discussed hormone replacement therapy. I had been reading about various therapies so I went to the appt well armed with information and and pretty sure what course of treatment I would prefer if it were found that I had a homone inbalance. Dr Sprague and I discussed my family health history and my current health situations and came up with plan for Estrogran patch and Progesterin pill. I left the doctor with hope that I'd be feeling better soon.

I don't know how it happened but in my discussions with Dr Sprague and by trying to work out my hormone isses I've ended up smack dab in the middle of a full cardiac workup. I went in to the doctor for a simple pap smear and next thing I know I'm being scheduled with a a cardiologist, wearing an EKG holter for 24 hours(pictured above) and hear talk about a stress test, possble resolutions to include angiolasty. FOR WHAT? I HAVE A HORMONE IMBALANCE!!! To top it off, I do have a heart murur... now where on earth did that come from and am I the only person in the world that could go in for a pap to come out with a diagnosis of heart murmur? Good grief, why is nothing ever easy in my world???

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