23 January 2009

The Tooth Fairy Cometh!

This past Monday, while brushing her teeth, my 8 year old daughter discovered that she had a loose molar. This is the first loose molar she's had and it has a crown on it so she was pretty thrilled. Took that kid 4 days to wiggle that tooth out of her mouth. She left for school yesterday and told me she was going to make sure it fell out at school so she could get a "tooth box" from the school nurse. Well low and behold, she came home yesterday and was toting that tooth in a pink tooth box.

Last night I got the assignment from the DH to act as the tooth fairy and swap $5 for the tooth. I usually wake up several times a night anyhow so this wasn't a problem. I was up at 11:30 p.m. Took the $5 and tip-toed into her room, I found myself standing on one foot and on a book. I slid my hand under the pillow and all I could find was a plastic bag. At that point I remembered she didn't want the tooth fairy to take her new tooth box so she used a Ziploc bag to store it. I tried to slide the bag out and she stirred. There I stood, on one foot, on a book hoping she wouldn't look over at me. Each time I tried to move my hand she'd stir.... I was there for what seemed like eternity but was only actually 5 minutes.... FINALLY I got brave and used my other hand to pass the $5 to my right hand and then swap the bag with the money. I tried to pull my hand out and I'll be damned if she didn't stir again.....

DAMN...why does this kid have to make being a tooth fairy so difficult?? My son could sleep thru an earthquake. It was a running joke that you could run over him with a bus and he wouldn't stir. The girl child is just like me, a very light sleeper and that sure doesn't make life easy for the tooth fairy.

I finally did get out of there (by the hair of my chinny chin chin) and today when she found her $5 she was thrilled. I plan to document the events from last night and keep that tooth and the documentation so she'll have that as a reminder how much we do to try to keep fairy belief alive in our household.

I'm not one that will leave my children with million dollar trusts but I want to have something to leave them, something of meaning. Months ago I purchased a book at Hallmark called "A Mothers Legacy" which allows me to doument all this stuff about my life, my childhood, my parents, marrying her daddy and every other little detail that would be important. I plan to give that to her on her 16th birthday along with that tooth and a host of other memorabilia we've saved. I'm sure someday it'll mean a lot to her know she has all this stuff from her childhood.

Ellie thinks it's funny when she see's Bubba's (her older brother Jordan) baby blanket. She laughs at i because it's all ratty and re-sewn and patched. He toted it everywhere he went and when he was 5 he had to trade it for an Easter Basket. I told him the Easter Bunny required it at 5 years old and he gave it up. I've stored it since then. He's 24 now and he'll be leaving for the Air Force in June. Someday, when he gets married, I'm going to give him that ratty old blanket. He'll remember it and laugh. I just hope he doesn't have a hatred for the Easter Bunny after that....

Ugh... I hope when Ellie figures out that there isn't a tooth fairy she doesn't hate me for saving teeth.... I could make a set of falsies from what I've stored!
The things we parents go through for our kids!! Gotta love'em!!

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RagamuffinQuilts said...

Great tooth fairy story. We've had our share ourselves with boys ages 7 & 9. Our tooth fairy has been so tired before she forgot twice...the disappointed little faces were just too much! We blamed it on the dogs not lettiing her in the house so they left it for her the next night and all was right again.