25 March 2009

Do You All Play "The Dryer Sheet Game?"

This is a tool used in war in our home!!
Many years ago, 10 years ago now to be exact. Way before Eric and I were married, I had a washer and dryer and he didn't. Eric could have gone to the laundry but that costs money and being the frugal soul that he is he'd come do his laundry at my house... He could eat some dinner, watch some TV, put his feet up and do laundry at the same time.

One time after he'd been at the apartment to do laundry I came across a dryer sheet tucked into my clothing. He had done his laundry and instead of throwing his laundry sheet away, he'd tuck it into one of my garments only to be found the next time I would wear that item... This was the beginning of "The Dryer Sheet Game."

Now, I've got him a few good times... like when he'd be in a meeting, pull out his hanky to blow his nose and a dryer sheet goes flying across the room or when he's been walking down the hallway at work and a dryer sheet is hanging out of his pants leg... oh and recently there was the time I stuffed the dryer sheet into the toe of his Croc... The times I've gotten him have been countless...
and the times he's gotten me back are also countless but the battle continues....

Today I received message from him via Twitter which stated: @shpef @UR_AY_GAS BE ADVISED! The "Dryer Sheet" game has just been escalated.

I had NO idea what this man was ranting about but by the tone of the message, I figured he had found a well placed dryer sheet and it had probably caused some sort of embarrassment.... OOPS!

When Eric got home he again told me to remember that the Dryer Sheet Game was ON.... and then went on to esplain what had happened to cause him to get his roids in a flare.... Apparently he went to take his Browns to the Superbowl (go #2 for those that dont know what it means to take the Browns to the Superbowl) and when he finished up he got his TP and proceeded to wipe. Between the time he unrolled the TP and went to wipe a dryer sheet has wiggled down his sleeve and was now in his hand and when he wiped, he wiped with the DAMN DRYER SHEET!! HOOOO HAH!! Excuse me.... I'm laughing again as I type this... He said "the toilet paper felt really rough and I couldn't figure out why." Well now we know.. when you wipe your butt with a dryer sheet it's gonna be a little rougher than TP !! DUH!!

Although this is extremely funny to me I know I'll be sleeping with one eye open for awhile. God only know when and where I'm gonna find that next dryer sheet and I imagine this posting will not only escalate the battle but will cause a declaration of all out war... I was innocent today, I don't know how that dryer sheet got in his sleeve but ya gotta admit it is funny that he wiped his butt with it....

Please pray for me... I'm doomed to be embarrassed by a dryer sheet. For now I must wait. He'll strike when I least expect it!

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